Paytm was one of the most popular payment apps. But Google removes the Paytm payment app from the play store. Today I am explaining to you about the Paytm removed from Google Play. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Here is the full detail about the Google remove Paytm from Play Store.

Google removes the Paytm and Paytm first games app from the Google Play Store. The rest all the Paytm app is available on the Google Play Store like Paytm Money, Paytm Mall, and Paytm Business.


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Google said in a statement that Paytm has broken the play store guidelines related to gambling and contests. Google also said that we cannot promote online casinos, gambling, and sports betting. Paytm broke our policy.

Suzanne Frey the android security and privacy vice president of Google said on a blog post that the policy of Google is to secure the user from loss. We inform the developer if his app violated the policy and remove the app. The app doesn’t come until the developer improves their mistake.

Paytm said that if you have already the app on your phone then you can use it as you before use. Paytm didn’t say anything about the Paytm remove but they said it will come back soon. You can’t download the Paytm Android app on your phone because the android app of Paytm is not available. Also, you cannot update your apps.

But your money on the app is saved and you can use it normally. So don’t worry Paytm will come back when it improves the on the app about gambling and betting sports. You can use the Paytm normally as before use.

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