Google bans malware apps
Google bans malware apps

You must be downloading so many apps from the Google Play Store. Most of the apps are secure which you download from the Play Store. But sometimes some apps are really harmful to us. Recently Google found some harmful apps on its platform.

Google bans the 6 new apps from the Play Store. Those apps are infected by the malware and its remove from Google Play Store. Today I am explaining to you about the Google ban 6 malware-infected apps. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Google bans malware-infected apps.

Google Play Store banned the 11 apps in July after getting those apps are malware. Cybersecurity firm Pradeo has identified six new apps that have Joker malware. According to the firm those apps have 200,000 downloads.

Pradeo said in a blog post that the Joker is a malicious bot classified as Fleisware. The main function of this type of malware is to emulate clicks and prevent SMS for users to subscribe to unsolicited paid premium services without learning about it.

The Joker uses as little code as possible and hides well to produce a very thoughtful footprint that is difficult to detect. Those six apps that have been infected with Joker malware have become more malicious. Those six apps are Safety app lock, Convenient Scanner 2, Push Message-Texting and SMS, Emoji Wallpaper, Soldier Doctor Scanner, and Fingertip Gamebox.

Google removed these apps from the Google Play Store. Pradeo also suggests if you have these apps on your phone then quickly remove these apps from your phone. Google identified the Joker as a large scale billing fraud family in 2017. Those identified apps that are designed only for SMS fraud.

Google Play introduces the new policies and promoted defenses and that bread apps were forced to iterate continuously to discover gaps and try and just about every cloaking and obfuscation technique have been used to undetermined according to Google blog post.

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