YouTube testing 5 Ads
YouTube testing 5 Ads

As per reports, YouTube is testing the pinch to zoom feature for its premium users. This new feature brings much more excitement among its users and has the potential to make them super happy. You can access brand-new features that YouTube isn’t quite ready for with its Premium program.

With today’s update, YouTube added a new feature called “pinch to zoom” to its audience that allows them to zoom in on videos even while in landscape view. A lot of little extra features are built into the YouTube experience for YouTube Premium subscribers, such as background play and downloading videos. The Premium account allows users to try out new experimental features before everyone else.


YouTube testing Pinch to zoom feature

This feature was made available for YouTube Premium users. Its fully confirmed as mentioned on the experimental page. You can zoom in and zoom out just with a simple gesture of pinching with two fingers.

Since then, previous experimental features have become part of YouTube’s full experience. YouTube added voice search to its experiments page so users could search in a browser. The Premium users can also manage playlists easier, dragging and reordering upcoming videos with ease.

Please note that this isn’t the same as the existing “pinch to zoom” feature, in which users can only enter full-screen mode. With this functionality, phones with aspect ratios of 18:9 and even 21:9 will be able to experience a better viewing experience.

In addition to zooming in up to 8x, users can also save their videos, as most (for instance, on Instagram) revert to their original format after you pinch them once. This is how it looks in action after we tested it out.

YouTube Pinch to Zoom feature release

On September 1, this feature might roll out. Once there’s positive feedback from the premium users, it’s said to roll out for normal regular users.

On Android, tap your profile photo and then click Your Premium benefits to access the new feature if you’re a Premium member. Then, you can turn on YouTube’s pinch to zoom feature from the Try new features page. Take a moment to try out this new tool until it kicks in.

As you might recall, YouTube recently added a frame-by-frame preview feature, allowing users to easily skip to the part of a video they are interested in. Along with this, there’s so much to offer in this feature that will surprise you the most.

Most of us want to look over the small detailing in the video that we find interesting. Even in cooking videos, there’s little detail that you don’t want to miss. So, this feature helps you to zoom in and zoom out of the video to notice them all.

Along with this, watching some art-related videos also requires this feature where you can just zoom in and out. Things like this require features where you can view things clearly. YouTube might roll out this feature to its regular users soon after getting some feedback from the premium users.

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