Read receipts for voice messages
Read receipts for voice messages

WhatsApp is releasing a New Message Yourself feature. You can now message Yourself easily on WhatsApp. Recently it has rolled out the new Do Not Disturb mode support for missed calls.

Now it is releasing the new Message Yourself feature. Today I am explaining to you the WhatsApp message Yourself feature. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the message Yourself.


WhatsApp releasing the new message Yourself feature

WhatsApp is now rolling out the new Self Message feature. The new self-message feature allows you to message yourself. You will be able to open a chat with your number on your same WhatsApp account with the help of the new self-messaging feature.

You have to just select your phone number from your contact list like you select the other person’s number to start a conversation. A new label Message Yourself tagged on your phone number. Also, your name will get the suffix (You) next to your chat name.

Earlier this, it was possible to find your phone number within your contacts list for iOS but it was removed because it was incompatible with multi-device. Now it is restoring the entry point to open the chat with your own phone number. Now you can see your personal contact within your contact list.

You will also see different chat caption shows up when opening the message “Message Yourself”. Note that when you sent messages to Yourself then this particular chat will be visible across your linked devices. Your chat across your linked devices is always end-to-end encrypted. The end-to-end encryption key is generated by using all your linked devices.

The new Message Yourself with your Own phone number within your contacts list and new chat caption released for some beta users. The new Message Yourself feature is available on WhatsApp for iOS version 22.23.74.

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