TikTok For You section recommendation
TikTok For You section recommendation

TikTok is the most popular short video platform. People use this app to watch short entertaining videos. You know that Popular video recommends to you on the For You section. Also, your following or your friend’s video show in the For You feed section. It will show you a recommendation video because of the recommendation system. How the recommendation system work behind scenes, nobody can know this. But TikTok company has contributed to the For You feed for Factor Stat, as well as how much they weight for each individual user. Today I am explaining to you about the TikTok ‘For You’ feed section recommendation system work behind it. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Here is the detail about the TikTok recommendation For You section work behind the scene.

User input is the power of the TikTok For You feed work like the many recommendation systems. The TikTok system absorbs your interest and recommends the video to you which types of video you like. The system also identifies which types of Hashtags, sounds, and caption related videos you like.  It recommends you the same types of video.


Sometime it will also use the information from your phone and the type of setting you set to your account. It takes the information like your preference languages, selected county, device types etc. But its main focus on that actually the system optimized what. TikTok says the way to take information factor receive less weight in system recommendation.

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The main thing is that actually what would you like to watch they recommend that thing. Suppose if you watch a technology-related video on the video till the end. After the end of the video if you swipe up the screen then it started you to recommend technology-related content or caption and hashtags used in a video related to the technology.

If you use the TikTok regularly, it identify your interest and keeps it to the system. If you follow someone on TikTok or search any song which you like most, find any hashtags, trending, and effects on the discover tab of the TikTok.

One of the most important things TikTok recommends you which types of video you like and which types of video you dislike or click on the not interested.

How the algorithm is works got disclosure at the time when major tech companies in the US are facing antitrust investigations in the US and the European Union, and TikTok specifically reviews the US Congress for its relationship with China is under in recent week.

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