Telegram roll out video call
Telegram roll out video call

You must be using Telegram, it is the most popular social media app. Telegram update so many important and useful features. You must want to video call feature in the Telegram. This video call feature is one of the most awaited features of Telegram.

But Telegram has finally announced to launch or roll out the video call feature on it. Today I am explaining to you about the Telegram roll out end-to-end encryption for video call. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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The end-to-end encryption feature in a video call on Telegram.

The Telegram video call feature is currently available in alpha mode on the Android and iOS versions. Also, the video call has an end-to-end encryption security feature. This video call feature is the opponent of WhatsApp. You must be knowing that the video calls on WhatsApp with the end-to-end encryption security feature.

The end-to-end encryption security feature protects your data. If you want to confirm your connection, then compare the four emojis shown on the screen for you and your chat partner. If they match, then your call is the time tested one used in voice calls and video calls on Telegram.

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According to the company statement, You can start the videos from your Profile page and you can also switch to the video call any time during the voice call. This video call feature also supports the Picture-in-Picture mode during the video call. This allows you for multitasking.

Telegram also rolls out the animated emojis in the chat on the celebrating of seven years of successful services. If you want to get those emoji then send the message with a single emoji.

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