NewsAirtel now offers a Smart Missed Call Alert feature...

Airtel now offers a Smart Missed Call Alert feature to its users: here’s how it’s going to work Just like Jio

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A lot of people are now going to appreciate this new feature that Bharti Airtel has introduced. Just like Reliance Jio, it’s has finally introduced the feature – smart missed call feature. It is an awesome feature already and many jio users were already using it from a long time.

It just let’s know people about their calls that were missed just because they were out of reach or out of network coverage. This is a huge life saver when it comes to important calls. Additionally, this feature works even when your phone is switched off. After you turn your phone on, it will show you the number of calls you’ve missed.

Who gets to use this feature?

This feature is made available by Airtel for both prepaid and postpaid recharge and for both iOS and Android users. Additionally, if you have an active recharge plan, then this feature is available for you with no additional charges.

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Now, it’s worth to note about what Telecom Talk has revealed about this feature provided by Airtel. It’s states “The feature will only operate for people who have a live voice calling connection, regardless of the type of package they have.”

Additional information to prefer this feature by Airtel

Now again, this feature isn’t brand new. Jio is already providing it from a long time but enabling this feature will benefit a lot to Airtel users. Getting an SMS for a missed call is a more convenient option than going to the company’s app and checking for missed calls.

How to enable Airtel Smart Missed Call feature?

If you are a customer of Airtel services and already being enjoying the active live voice calling plan, then firstly go to Airtel Thank app. After that, let’s assume that you’ve already signed it. If not then please sign up. Click on the “Curated by you” tab and enable the Smart Missed Call Alerts feature. Once you’ve done that, you can see all of your missed calls there.

Comparing the Smart Missed Call feature of both Airtel and Jio

Comparing these two companies can be very complicated but when it comes to this feature it is a bit easy task. Jio let’s you know about the missed calls by text message whereas Airtel will let you know about all your missed calls by visiting their app. However, there might be very high chances that Airtel is already trying to provide SMS to let you know about the missed calls in future.

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