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Facebook, Google and Apple new emoji

You must be using the emoji while you are chatting with your friends or anyone. Sending emoji you can express your emotion or feeling and it makes your chatting fun.

To make your chat more fun and unique way to express your emotions Facebook, Google and Apple introduce the new emojis on emoji day. Today I am explaining to you about the new emoji of Facebook, Google, and Apple. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


We can’t ignore the importance of the emoji. With the help of this, we immediately express our reaction. 92% of social media and phone users use the emojis on some level. Also, some users use emojis in every chat or conversation.

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Facebook introduced the new emoji pack for the messenger. It also added new animations. Facebook also rollout the emojis and animations for WhatsApp. It has a heart emoji which reflects the medical heart image. It has the buffalo and polar bear emojis. Also, there is a hot drink kettle. You can express your happiness with the wonderful type of drum.

Google has also introduced so many various types of emojis on various topics. You will be used these emojis on Android by October. These colorful characters will release with Android 11. It means when the Android 11 will release then these emojis will also be released with this.

Google Emojis

Five read hearts can be seen in the Gboard beta simultaneously two days early. Usages of the emoji have increased by 40%  worldwide during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple Emojis

Apple is introducing the emoji characters on hearts, lungs, five fingers closed, animals, and creatures emojis. Unicode Consortium approved the emojis. This non-profit organization sets the standard for emojis. The Unicode converts the emojis and adds the reference code.

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