Instagram two row stories
Instagram two row stories

You must be using Instagram and it is also the popular social media app. Also, you must be using the story features of Instagram to see the other stories and post your stories. When you open your Instagram to see the stories or use it, you always see the single row stories on it. But Instagram is testing new redesign stories roundabout and it will be the two-row stories roundabout. Today I am explaining you to about the Instagram redesign two-row stories roundabout. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

The new redesign two-row roundabout replaced has replaced the single row of scrollable Instagram Stories. The Social Media consultant Matt Navarra shared the new redesign on Twitter earlier this week. This new two-row stories carousel will take more space as compared to the previous one-row stories carousel. This feature is testing with some selected users who can swipe through more stories in one stroke now.

Instagram making some changes in the DM icon and notification access icon. Basically Instagram exchanges the place between the DM icon and notification access icon. You will find the notification access icon on the place where the DM icon should be.

And you will find the DM icon will on the place where Notification access icons should be. You access the Instagram DMs option using a left swipe from the home feed, thus it is super accessible to users.

It will take some time to get back the experience like old. Because DM access icon and Notification access icon will be replaced between each other and the user has the experience of the old interface to access the DM and notification.

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