Earn money from Instagram
Instagram facebook parents decide to show ads on IGTV and they paid for it

You must be using Instagram to post your Picture, unforgettable moment, and also your video on IGTV. But have you ever think that you can earn money from Instagram. Recently Instagram launched the ads option in IGTV for the video creator to earn money from Instagram. Today I am explaining to you to post the video and earn money from Instagram. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Instagram app roll out the new feature tool for the video creator to make money from Instagram. Video creators will get 55% of total revenue from its video ads which show on its video. Instagram also provides the facility to collaborations between the popular users and the products. Popular users get paid to promote the product. It will also launch the option to sell the badge to the fans when they broadcasting the live video on Instagram.

Earn money from Instagram
Instagram shows Ads IGTV

The Chief Operating Officer Justin Osofsky said the badges will be sold at the three price $0.99 (approx. Rs.75), $1.99 (approx. Rs.150), and $4.99 (approx. Rs.378). It started with some users next month.

The company will not initially take part in the sale. Osofsky said that Instagram was not planning to offer a subscription for exclusive content yet. Nor was it intended to lure big-name figures with licensed original content on the platform, he said although in the past several months it has begun to cover production costs for very few content producers.

Salice Rose, Avani Gregg, and Bernath are selected to participate in the tests for those tools. These are the famous rising stars who built much of their following on the Short Video platform Tik Tok.

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