NewsIs Apple borrowing Google's Android Operating System?

Is Apple borrowing Google’s Android Operating System?

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Apple makes a lot of announcements in which the discussion on iOS 16 was one of the main attractions. This latest version of Apple’s operating system holds a variety of useful features. This makes your iPhone look like a new one.

That was unveiled at this annual summit and this update will be introduced in the next month. This will get available through the public beta forum. Though this iOS will be factually released by the next year broadly.

This is introduced to give a new look to the old existing Apple iPhone. This means if you are an Apple iPhone 14 user, chances are you will not be able to recognize major differences through this update.

Features of Apple borrowed from Google

  1. Live Captions
  2. New Kind of Lock Screen features
  3. Translate Camera
  4. Scheduled mail sending features

1. Live Captions

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These are the most significant features that Android and Apple iOS lacked. But with the introduction of iOS 16, this is the most prominent characteristic that an Apple iPhone is going to have. This feature of Google debuted back in 2019. With this new addition, Apple claimed that this will be able to translate any audio into any device.

2. New kind of lock screen features

This android feature was first introduced back in 2012 through Android 4.2 Jellybean. This featured many lock screen widgets like weather, clock, name etc. Apple with their new version of iOS is introducing their very own feature.

3. Translate camera

This google exclusive feature was there in the market for years but Apple seemed to incorporate this with their newest version of iOS quite recently.

4. Scheduled mail sending features

This is something most common feature we used to notice in Android phones. It was introduced back in 2009 through the first introduction of Gmail. This Gmail feature seemed to have become quite essential that Apple is including this feature in their latest Operating System.

As Apple seemed to have “borrowed” these features from Google, we can say that users who were going to shift their phones from Android to Apple for a new experience will not be quite mesmerized by this.

For an Android user, these features are going to be the repetition of what they already had. But we can assume with the tagline of the iPhone and its hierarchy is still going to be a better experience for previous iPhone owners.

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