YouTube Shorts Videos tabs, Image Credit: TeamYouTube
YouTube Shorts Videos tabs, Image Credit: TeamYouTube

YouTube has rolled out new updates that will split the Creator Video content into three separate tabs shorts, Long Videos, and Live tabs. The new separate tabs update is based on user feedback. People can easily choose what they want to watch shorts, long-form videos, or Live Stream videos.

Today I am explaining to you YouTube’s new separate tabs for video content. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new Separate tabs for Shorts, Long Videos, and Live Streams.

YouTube shorts video tabs

YouTube’s new update will now allow users to see what type of content they want to watch while exploring videos. The new update shows separate tabs for shorts and long-form videos on the channel page. It also shows a separate tab for Live Streams. People can tap on any tabs and watch what type of content they want Shorts, long-form, or Live streams.

The new change on the tabs will no longer show the Shorts and Live videos under the Videos section. These have separate tabs, it will show the new Shorts and Live tabs next to the long-form video tabs. YouTube is rolling out new separate tabs for Shorts, Long videos, and Live streaming for Android, iOS, and Web versions.

Earlier rolling out the new update, all videos were displayed under a single videos section, causing a sense of confusion to the users. People get confused to find the right content they want to watch. Lots of Content Creators and users give feedback on the separation of long videos and Shorts.

Recently it has made a few changes in UI and released new updates too. It has released a new look to the Like, Dislike, Share, and Subscribe buttons. It also released the pinch-to-zoom feature t zoom a video by up to 8X. The Pinch-to-zoom feature has previously released a text for the Premium users.

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