WhatsAppWhatsApp users are getting banned on the app from...

WhatsApp users are getting banned on the app from all around the World, know the possible reason

Some of the users are logged out from their WhatsApp account and when they try to log in again, they got a pop-up notification your number is banned.

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be using WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. Chatting with your friends on WhatsApp is really very interesting and fun. But some users are getting banned on WhatsApp. When some users trying to access their WhatsApp account then they were logged out from their account.

The users have reported that they aren’t able to access their accounts. After logged out when the users trying to log in to their account again then showing your WhatsApp account is a ban. Today I am explaining to you about Some WhatsApp users getting banned on the app. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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WhatsApp bans users when they violate its Terms & Conditions. They can ban Temporarily and Permanently. The Temporarily and Permanently ban depends on the situation. When they have banned Temporarily then it may be that they can unban after sometimes. But if anyone has banned permanently then they won’t unban. But most of the users are getting banned without violating its Terms & Conditions.

WhatsApp users are getting banned on app

One of the most popular and primary reasons for an account ban is that If any user uses the unauthorized WhatsApp version. The Unauthorized WhatsApp version is known as WhatsApp Mods. Users download the unauthorized WhatsApp version from a third-party website to use several features. To use unauthorized WhatsApp violates the Terms & Conditions.

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Users have to use the switch official version of WhatsApp from Google Play Store and App Store to avoid getting ban their accounts. If your WhatsApp account getting ban and you think that the Company banned it wrongly then you can drop the mail.

According to the WABetaInfo the feature tracker of WhatsApp that If any user has been temporarily banned many times, then they may be banned from WhatsApp permanently. It also said that WhatsApp permanently bans accounts that execute bulk or automated actions. It totally violates the Terms of service because those actions use WhatsApp services without authorization. WhatsApp bans over 2.5 million accounts per month. Because of bulk and automated messages.

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It bans accounts that use their service intensively, for example, if the account sends a lot of messages within a certain amount of time. Don’t worry, WhatsApp introduced a limit that’s really impossible to reach for a human. If an account reached the limit, it means it’s not a human but it’s an automated system.

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