WhatsApp red tick update
WhatsApp red tick update

What is the main fact of a red tick, finally expose of Whatsapp update red tick. Today the curtain will remove from this fake update of WhatsApp. Right now the forwarding message on WhatsApp has increased a lot. Similarly, we got a fake message regarding Whatsapp red tick. The curtain will remove from this fake update. Is it true or false to know this? While I read the fake news.

WhatsApp red tick update News Fake Found by the pibfact check.

What happens now? If you see a tick, the message is delivered that show black, if the other tick is found, the message has been read the two show up together with blue tick. But now after reading the fake news, we found a misinformation message that three ticks of Whatsapp.

PIBf act check
PIB fact check report image

The third tick is shown red it  WhatsApp red tick update News Fake Found by the means that The government has taken note of your message. If one of the two teams is a red pick. The government may take some action against you. If two become red, it means that your message is being screened by the government. If all three ticks turn red. The government has initiated your message.

In this condition, you will get the message from the court. So now officially has been checked fact. By the PIBfact check clear this misinformation this news is totally fake. And they have fake proved this message. No such updates are going to come and will not come. My only request is to stay away from all these things.

Let me tell you a new update of WhatsApp. By the way, WhatsApp has put a big update to stop this epidemic. If a fake message is find forwarding more than 5 people. You forwarding that message only once. WhatsApp finally limits the forwarding message of WhatsApp.

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