WhatsApp New Cover Photo for Business
WhatsApp New Cover Photo for Business

From the latest update of the social media world, WhatsApp is continually testing some new tools that will increase the user comfortability and experience. These features are inspired by Facebook. Besides, the company is confident that this feature will help people and businesses to experience better communication and convenient interactions.

The new feature is available for both android and windows interfaces. The company is at the last stages of its testing and the update will be available by the mid of July to the user. It will be the version update from the company.


WhatsApp New Cover Photo feature for Business

Inspired by Facebook, the company will be introducing the feature of the new cover picture in the update. This feature will enable the user to select a cover picture in their profile as per requirements and profession. The user will get easy access to this feature.

They need to go to the setting to add a cover picture to their profile. Besides, they will implicate the feature of customizing the self-profile to the user. With the help of this property, the user and business professionals can create an attractive profile.

Implementation of the feature

With the help of the new feature of the new cover photo, business professionals can create an attractive WhatsApp profile which will help in building a good impression in the corporate and business world. Moreover, the feature of customizing self-profile will help the people and business professionals.

This feature will help in the identification of the user. The user will be able to add the links to different social media profiles in the profile. Moreover, the user will be able to add their portfolio drive link in their profile, which the viewers can easily see.

Future innovation

WhatsApp is testing to provide the update for iOS users and for the Mac interface. The company is trying to provide this feature by the end of august for iOS users. Moreover, with the help of AI, the company is also trying to implicate the feature of the auto-changing cover picture.

This will help the user by scheduling the picture as per requirement. Besides, the company is working on improving the security of the business profile by providing end-to-end encryption security. This will help by increasing the trust in the company.

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