WhatsAppWhatsApp developing the new My Contacts Except feature for...

WhatsApp developing the new My Contacts Except feature for more privacy for Desktop users

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WhatsApp is developing a new feature My Contacts Except…. that enhances the more private settings. You must be using it to stay connected with your friends and family and it is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Recently it has rolled out the new communities feature for iOS users.

Now it is about to roll out the new My contacts except feature. Today I am explaining to you about WhatsApp’s new Contacts Except… feature. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the My Contacts Except… feature.

WhatsApp developing new My contacts except for feature

WhatsApp is working on the new feature My Contact Except for the last seen, about, and profile photo. Users will be able to hide their personal information from the specific contact. They can manage who can see their personal information on WhatsApp. You can easily hide your Last Seen, About, and Profile Photo. This is the new custom privacy settings option for securing your personal information with whom you won’t want to share your information.

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Users can easily exclude the specific contact using the My Contacts Except option to hide your profile photo, About, and Last Seen from that contact. The new My Contacts Except option is available on the Privacy Settings option. WhatsApp is working on the My Contacts Except for Web or Desktop users. It has already rollout the My Contacts Except… feature for Android and iOS beta testers.

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