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Top 5 best features of Facebook app for android in 2020.

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I know you all are using Facebook yet. But you don’t know about that feature which I talk about Top 5 best features of the Facebook app for android in 2020 now in this post. You need to keep reading till the end to know all the unexpected features of facebook included in this post further below.

Every little kind of mistake which you will do further I prohibited now. How to secure the Facebook account. Private your Facebook profile image. Sometimes most people know only to like, to comment, to post on the Facebook app but they make a mistake for a few reasons.

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Note: Before all features applying in Facebook confirm that your Facebook app is lite or main Facebook app. If you using the lite version then. All these features are applicable to the main version Facebook app.

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If you haven’t updated the Facebook app the update Facebook.

Top 5 best features of Facebook app for android

  1. Someone app data center stole your detail of Facebook.
  2. Private your Facebook profile image.
  3. Save your data for using more during a visit on Facebook.
  4. Off your location access.
  5. Manage the logged-in with Facebook.

1. If you are a girl or your family who thinks no one sees your photo of Facebook profile. In it case, You do the private account but even after reading this post no need to private the account. Private your Facebook profile image easily after using these features.

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Private your Facebook profile image

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Tap the profile facebook image.
  • And tap on the Next button to continue.
  • Save the guard on the profile image.

2. Sometimes most people allow the Facebook detail for using login in other app required. All the information profile detail submit the in-app data center. I heard mostly app brand fraud from the downloader who allows the log-in detail.

They have all the information Facebook of profile keep as the user they remote your account. So, if don’t want to keep in their data server then instant you remove the app where it adds in the Facebook setting. And change the password instantly. keep safe your Facebook account.

Manage the logged in with Facebook

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Slide the right side 5 times.
  • Scroll down below for settings & privacy.
  • In settings & privacy compartment setting option.
  • Tap the security in apps and websites.
  • The top bar clicks the edit.
  • You can remove the app logged in with Facebook.
  • Scroll below and remove the app.

3. You can observe that when you using the Facebook app and scroll many videos you got on the Facebook app and it plays automatically. In case your data usage more exceeds the daily data limit that the reason behind using more data. If you want to get away from this problem you follow these features below and using less data in a day.

Save your data for using more during a visit on Facebook.
Save your data for using more during a visit on Facebook.

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Go setting in setting & privacy.
  • Scroll down till media and contact tap on it.
  • Again scroll below to the autoplay option.
  • Tap on autoplay.
  • Select the never autoplay videos.

4. We find out more essential features of the Facebook app which is more helpful to you. Everyone uses Facebook but they don’t know how they prevent their Facebook account. How to Secure Facebook?

Firstly save your Facebook account then, you use Facebook otherwise anytime your account will be hacked. Nowadays we listen to many this kind of issue which is suffering yet now. Many unknown people who login into many other devices and leave as usual in their device. Because some friend stollen her password and they control all functions in his account they trapped for some illegal case. unexpected features of Facebook

You want to get out of this problem then you make sure to setting in Facebook or not. After you apply this feature to your android smartphone then your device is Facebook is safe and secure purely. Now you can manage the logging device information in your handset which you using yet. You can remove which one you have doubted is fake or not. I know you understand about How to Secure Facebook and the way you secure Facebook.

Manage the logged in with Facebook.

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Slide the left 3 times.
  • Scroll down below for settings & privacy.
  • Tap on setting in settings & privacy.
  • Scroll down till in the security area.
  • Click the security and logging option.
  • You can log out which you want to do.
  • And secure the account from there.

5. You all actively watch the facebook colleagues and If you want to off the location from setting but it will not be off. It will not off till you not off from the Facebook app. How you turn off the Facebook location checker then keep following our below step.

Off your location access

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • go in the setting option.
  • Scroll below to show the location.
  • Tap the location access.
  • Off the location history.

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