Top 10 New WhatsApp Features in 2022
Top 10 New WhatsApp Features in 2022

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be using WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. WhatsApp always rolls out new and amazing features to enhance the user experience.

WhatsApp rolled out so many features in 2020. But not all the WhatsApp features are best for all users. Today I am explaining to you the Top 10 best WhatsApp features in 2020. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Top 10 best WhatsApp features in 2020.

  1. Always Mute
  2. Custom Wallpaper
  3. Disappearing messages
  4. WhatsApp dark mode
  5. Advanced Search
  6. WhatsApp QR Code
  7. WhatsApp Pay
  8. Group Video Calling
  9. Animated Sticker
  10. Redesigned Storage Management

1. Always Mute

This feature is the best feature for those users who always want to mute so many friends or groups. You can mute your friends or any group which you want to mute on WhatsApp for forever. When you receive a useless image or message from your friends or any group then you can mute them always.

2. Custom Wallpaper

Custom Wallpaper allows you to set different-different wallpaper for all individual chats. You have to simply select which wallpaper you want to set on which chats. Before the WhatsApp custom wallpapers feature rollout you can only set the single wallpaper for all chats. But now this feature allows you to set the custom wallpaper for individual chats.

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3. Disappearing Messages Feature

The disappearing Messages feature deletes the sent messages from the sent and received chat. It will delete your sent messages auto after seven-days. Users can use this feature for individual and Group chats. It doesn’t affect the users’ old chat. But it may show the preview on the notification panel if the user didn’t open WhatsApp.

4. WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp rollout the Dark Mode feature for Android, iOS, and Web version. This is one of the best features for those users who use WhatsApp at night. It reduces your eye strain in low light and you don’t get your eyes pain or headache.

5. Advanced Search

This feature helps you to search for any type of media file like Photos, videos, links, Gifs, Documents, and audio. You can only search your text messages on WhatsApp before the rolling out of this feature.

6. WhatsApp QR Code

WhatsApp QR Code feature helps you to share your WhatsApp profile with the other one which you want to share. you can also scan the other Profile QR code to add in your contact to chat. Also if you don’t want to save any number and want to chat, you can use these features.

This is the most awaited feature of WhatsApp. The specialty of this feature that you can also be revoked the QR code if you don’t want to share with some unknown person whom you don’t want to have your number.

7. WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp rollout the payments feature in the partnership with the National Payments Corporation of India. You can now send receive money across all countries. The WhatsApp payments use the UPI (Unified Payment Interface) platform like Paytm, Google Pay, and Walmart owned Phone Pe. You will be able to send money to your WhatsApp contacts or other bank accounts through UPI ID.

8. Group Video calling

WhatsApp updated the group participant limit and increased the participant limit to eight users per call. Users can start the group video call with a single tap. You can also maximize any participant’s video to full screen by pressing and holding with the new update.

9. WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp rollout the animated stickers pack to express your emotion. Stickers are one of the most unique ways to express your emotion.

10. Redesigned Storage Management

Users can use the storage management tool for managing their space. You can manage your storage and free-up your storage. Users can easily identify and delete their useless items and free up your storage. These are the top 10 best WhatsApp feature in 2020.

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