The Stranger Things 4 1 Billion watch hours
The Stranger Things 4 1 Billion watch hours

Yes, you have heard it right. ‘The Stranger Things 4’ have now Crossed 1 Billion watch hours on the Netflix. Of course you have heard of this show if you are a subscriber of Netflix. Now, Stranger Things 4 has been watched collectively for about 1.15 billion hours.

Surprising isn’t it? Well, this news was shared by the company through a blog post after releasing the second volume of the Stranger Things Season 4 last week.


With this achievement, Stranger Things may potentially overtook Squid Game as the most watched Netflix series. Squid Game, which has almost 1.65 billion watch hours in the first 28 days of release, is still in first place.

However, throughout July 28, its said to have a potential of surpassing the Squid Game if it still remains popular for a longer time. But there are a few restrictions with Stranger Things 4’s watch-time ranking.

The first seven episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 received 930.32 million viewings in their first 28 days, while episodes eight and nine received 221 million viewings from June 27 to July 3. Also with a runtime of 778 minutes, Stranger Things 4 is almost about 60% longer than Squid Game.

Because there are more hours in a single season for each account to stream, Stranger Things has this advantage.

What does the Netflix says about Stranger Things Season 4

The most popular English-language Netflix TV series is Stranger Things. The second season of Bridgeton’s still the second-most watched English TV show on Netflix. Netflix have also added that, in 93 different nations Stranger Things made the top 10 list . This demonstrates how popular Netflix is all across the world.

Along with this, the company also states that, “The record-breaking series pulled in 301.28M hours viewed, making it the most-viewed title this week and appearing in the Top 10 in 93 countries.

The series holds the #1 spot on the Most Popular English TV List with 1.15Bn hours viewed. Additionally, Seasons 1-3 held their standing on the English TV List – Season 1 with 34.47M hours viewed, Season 2 with 30.26 hours viewed, and Season 3 with 30.28M hours viewed this week.”

Additional information

The news of the development coincides with the Duffer Brothers’ announcement of a live-action, original-idea Stranger Things spin-off series. However, The rankings provide an unparalleled amount of information about what Netflix users are watching, listing the most watched movies and TV shows in the past week not only globally but also in more than 90 different countries.

For the company’s viewership, consider this as the highest level of transparency Netflix has ever adopted. Although, it helps all the subscribers to know what’s popular on the world’s biggest subscription streaming service. Anyways, There’s still some time for the next season to release. Have you watched The Stranger Things yet?

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