How to Download Instagram Reels Directly From App
How to Download Instagram Reels Directly From App

Instagram is planning to release a new text-based app like Twitter soon. The text-based app will launch soon to compete with Twitter and hints this app has already dropped.

Today I am explaining to you about Instagram’s new text-based app to rival Twitter. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new text-based app.


Instagram’s new Text-based app releasing soon

Meta has hosted meetings and hinted about the app and their release date. As per Lia Haberman’s Newsletter, Meta has hosted a secret meeting with select creators and surfaced the all-new details about the short-word app idea and hinting at the release date. The short-word app project is alternately called by codename P92, Project 92, or Barcelona.

One of the Creators from Meetings revealed that the new text-based app will be built upon the same foundation as Twitter. Users will be able to sign in using their existing Instagram username and password. They can sync up with their existing followers. It will carry the users’ handle, bio, and even verifications from Instagram.

Instagram is making this a “decentralized app built upon Instagram but it will be compatible with other apps like Mastodon. Users of the other apps will be able to search and interact with your account and content.

Users can post text updates of up to 500 characters, and attach links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long. They can engage with likes, reposts, and replies.

The app will have the Creator control and account safety features like Instagram. Creators can control replies and mentions, and easily block or report spam. All the hidden words you’ve selected and the Account you’ve blocked on IG will carry over to the app.

All the Instagram Community Guidelines will also carry over to the new text-based app and two-factor authentication will be enabled too.

Currently, there is no information on monetization avenues for creators. Instagram’s new text-based app will release at the end of June.




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