How to unfreeze TikTok account
How to unfreeze TikTok account

“Just go with the flow and never freeze” This line relates to our personal and professional life highly but maybe this line also highly relates to our social media activities as well. At this time, our activity on our social media accounts counts more than ever.

In the times of information and technology, Gen z is among those groups who are relying more on the internet ever and getting things done faster than ever. Now, you must be wondering how this relates to TikTok and the article is about TikTok so why this philosophical thought?


Well, TikTok is one of the fastest growing platforms that inform you about almost everything that is going on in this world. Say anything from fashion to lifestyle, from survival to luxury everything is available in just a matter of seconds.

These small videos will keep you on the trend where some people showcase their talent while some are busy sharing everything they know. From education to entertainment to life hacks, everything is explained and showcased in just a matter of seconds. Of course, not everything is legit but many of them are useful.

Now, what if your TikTok account gets frozen?

Of course, the answer is obvious – YOU ARE MISSING IT OUT! Okay now relax for a bit. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to freeze your account so there’s nothing to worry about. You must be aware of shadowbanning Instagram accounts right, so, freezing TikTok accounts is just like that.

What is actually TikTok account freezing?

Sometimes, it happens that our account is working but we don’t know whether it’s frozen or not. So, when your TikTok account is frozen, all your videos and content don’t get many views and hearts because they aren’t shown to large masses. In short, you don’t get views like you used to get before.

Why did your TikTok account get frozen?

Before you learn about how to unfreeze your TikTok account, this is the most important and basic information that you should know. First of all, just follow the community guidelines. Sometimes, by mistake, you might create some videos that are not accordingly to the rules so knowing the rules is very important.

Of course, TikTok seems like a free space where people are able to express themselves, and at any time you might also see people sharing their worst experiences, trolls, and bullying as well but it’s not what it looks like.

The reasons why your account might have frozen are given below.

  • The very basic and first reason is duplicate content. TikTok loves originality the most so try to post everything that is original. If TikTok finds out that you are posting duplicate content, you are most likely to get frozen. Everyone wants views and better engagement but for its sake just don’t post something that belongs to someone. Just don’t post something that is already posted on TikTok. At the start, the growth of your TikTok will skyrocket but later your account will get frozen already.
  • Be very careful with the content you are posting. Watermarks are also important and if you think that you will get views and engagement if you remove them and then post them on TikTok then you are mistaken. There are many platforms and tools that claim to remove the watermark so TikTok won’t recognize it. Don’t fall into the trap. TikTok examines it very quickly and doesn’t take any time to freeze your account. Do not post someone’s videos. Repetition lowers your views.
  • In most cases, many creators don’t even know that their account is frozen and think that the quality of content they are creating is low quality. The obvious reason is very different and that is – you are caught. You might be aware of shadowbanning the Instagram account right, TikTok account freezing works the same.
  • Another case might be that you express something that is harmful. Mainly representing harmful individuals and organizations in the form of any expression such as the dress code, gesture, certain uniforms, portraits, names, symbols, logos, or any other objects. Anything that is harmful like a terrorist organization, murderers, kidnappers, or something that belongs to evil tangible forces will cause your account to freeze and eventually banning
  • Your account is most likely to get frozen or get banned from the platform if the content of your short video contains any promotion of something that is illegal and regulated goods. In short, if you are promoting drugs or anything that is illegal your account is getting frozen or banned.
  • On the other hand, if your content is showing something that is violent graphic content, you will have to face feezing of your account. Content of slaughter of real animals is a very sensitive topic so you might have to face freezing of your account. Again, if there’s someone who is reporting your account or a video and if TikTok found it relevant then your account will be frozen.
  • Promoting or showcasing anything relating to pornography, nudes, or gore (basically NSFW), your account will be compromised.
  • It’s better to always stay on the safer side and take care of these rules and community guidelines while creating content and videos.

How to know whether your TikTok account is frozen or not?

Knowing whether your TikTok account is frozen or not will actually save you from not getting reached. Follow the guidelines given below to know whether you are reached or not.

There are a few steps that involve –

  • Go to analytics
  • Click on content
  • Check any video from your content
  • Under “for you”, you can check the ratio.

Know that when you are getting dramatically low views than usual, your account is frozen. It’s time to unfreeze your TikTok accounts as soon as possible. Check your standard average amount of views and then compare the views of your selected video. The drastic difference in views confirms that your account is shadowbanned and not shown to everyone on TikTok.

Now again, you need a pro-TikTok account to check all your analytics. If you already have a pro account, you can check analytics very easily. But, if you do not have a pro-TikTok account, then go to the settings and then enable the pro account.

While enabling the pro account, you will be asked a few important things and of course, the platform will show you a quick walkthrough of the process.

This is how you can get pro –

  • Visit your TikTok profile page
  • Go to Privacy
  • Go to settings
  • Click on Join TikTok testers
  • To confirm your application, you will have to confirm your mobile number.
  • Follow the instructions.

You must be familiar with an Instagram account more than a TikTok account when it comes to managing settings and knowing the business and private accounts. See, just like the Instagram business account, the pro-TikTok account works in the same manner. Once your TikTok Pro account is enabled, analytics of your account will feature you whenever you want.

How to unfreeze your TikTok account quickly without messing up?

It is very safe to just stay under the community guidelines given by the platform. When you create content within their guidelines, there’s no chance that the platform will freeze your account. Always post original content and make sure that your content is aligned with the community guidelines.

Let’s consider that by mistake your content was out of context and it got frozen. Of course, having a frozen account is frustrating and it affects your views. With less number of views, not everyone will know that you even exist. This is one of the biggest fear for anyone who is active on TikTok.

The world of TikTok is so fast-moving that your absence will make you non-existent. Plus, having your account frozen for a longer time period will cause your account to get banned from your platform.

How, of course when we are at the core of the issue when your account is already frozen, you will see nothing other than a solution so here we are with the solution. Follow the steps below to attract more people and views to your account –

  • First of all, post original videos and make them very engaging. The audience appreciates it and TikTok live it the most.
  • Make your interaction with other creators and people as much as possible. React to their videos by giving a heart and while commenting, post them in a relatable or sarcastic manner. You can also add respectful comments as well wherever it’s necessary. Just interact.
  • Another method involves the handiest technique. We always do this whenever something does work properly. Can you guess it? That’s right, restart everything. Log out from your TikTok account, and then uninstall it. After that, restart your phone or whatever device you use, and then reinstall. Re-login again. If possible, You can clear all the data before logging out as well.
  • After knowing your account is frozen, do not forget to recheck the “for you” source. keep an eye on your views after all the efforts you are taking to regain your views.
  • Due to the dramatic change in your views, it becomes very hard to regain your views again. In such cases when you have low followers, you can shut everything down and make a new start simultaneously.
  • If you are having much more followers and can’t afford to clear data and make a new start, then be super active on the platform. Make as many videos as you can. Just work on your content and make videos and then post it as much as you can. Make sure that you throw the energy of a creator and not the one who is trying hard to get views.

Even after this, you aren’t getting views and your account is still frozen, there’s only one way. The only way is to let the TikTok algorithm forget the videos that have caused your account to freeze. Sometimes, you might also have made controversial comments along with the flow of creating videos or anything that just doesn’t follow community guidelines.

Just know that you need to know the videos and content that are responsible for freezing your account. Because deleting those videos will help you to much more extent to get your account on track this makes it easy for TikTok to forget and ignore your controversial creations.

How do not get your account frozen unexpectedly in the future?

Just make sure that you are consistently posting videos, interacting with other creators, using relatable hashtags, uploading engaging, original content, and following community guidelines. This is to safeguard your account from freezing.

One more way to unfreeze your TikTok account

Report it to TikTok. They will go through the report and if they’ve found that it was a mistake then your account will get back to normal or Unfreeze your TikTok account.

How to grow your reach on TikTok?

Some find it easy to grow their TikTok while some struggle to gain a reach. Well, there is a secret that many do not tell you. You might have heard about “consistency is the key”. Well, know that along with life, this quote works here as well. Consistency is the key to all your questions.

  • Just make sure that you post good quality videos consistently.
  • Focus on what type of content you are serving.
  • Content is king so make it engaging and you can gain reach.
  • Hashtags are just as important to add as adding content to your videos.
  • Video promotion
  • Again, interaction with people and other creators is super important
  • TikTok challenges are another way to gain reach
  • Reaction videos and duets are getting viral as well so try to do that as well.
  • Get into the trend and utilize it.

Add filters as well. Some filters help to create content as well. Shortly, some filters are cherry on top of the content of your videos.

Follow these guidelines and we really hope that this information is helping you to recover your account. Know that the information that is given in this article is more than enough to recover or unfreeze the Tiktok account that is frozen. If you have any doubts or if there is anything relating to the problems that you are facing, let us know.

Let us know if this article was helpful to you or not. If there is any other method you used that is not provided by us then comment below. So it might help others who are seeking help. Thank you so much for reading till the end!

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