How to Delete Comments on Instagram
How to Delete Comments on Instagram

Instagram allows users to enable the caption for their Videos posts and reels. The caption feature automatically generates captions in English for your videos. The auto-generated caption shows on your video posts and reels at the bottom of the video.

Today I am explaining to you about the turn-on caption for your Instagram videos. You have to read this post till the end to know more about how to turn on captions for Instagram videos.


How to enable the Caption for Videos on Instagram

The caption feature is very useful for those users who are viewing videos posts and reels in a noisy place or want to view videos without sound. This caption feature is also useful for users when they watch videos that have low sound then this feature helps them to understand the videos.

You can easily turn on the caption of your videos on Instagram. You have to follow these processes to enable the caption feature for your videos.

To turn the caption feature for your videos you have to open the Instagram app and go to your profile by tapping on the profile image icon at the bottom of the right corner.

After this, tap on three horizontal lines at the top of the right corner and then tap on the Settings and Privacy option. Tap on the Accessibility option under the Your app and media options after selecting the Settings and Privacy option.

After this, tap on the Captions option and tap on the Captions toggle to enable the captions for your video. Here you can select the Language for your Video captions. The Captions Language is set to English by default.



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