Hoga Toga complete 5 Million Subscribers
Hoga Toga complete 5 Million Subscribers

Hoga Toga finally completed the 5 Million subscribers on YouTube. You must have heard about the HogaToga YouTube channel. It is one of the most popular and best Tech channels on YouTube in India. It provides tech-related knowledge to the users that are very helpful to the viewers in their life.

HogaToga is providing lots of informative videos continuously to the users and now it completes the 5M subscribers. Today I am explaining to you about HogaToga’s 5M subscribers, its other channels, full information about its YouTube journey, etc.


Hoga Toga has 5 Million subscribers and other channels

Hoga Toga is a tech YouTube channel. It provides informative videos about Social Media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Signal, etc), App Reviews, Tips and Tricks, Gadgets unbox, etc. MD. Sitare is the founder and host of the Hoga Toga YouTube channel. He started the YouTube channel in the year 2016 and uploaded its first video on 22 October 2016 named “Not bad Lenovo A8 √ 50 Tablet /8 inch/ Yes Buy Only Hindi screen“.

After uploading its first video, the Hoga Toga YouTube channel continuously provides knowledgeful videos to its subscribers. Currently, HogaToga has 2,287 videos and it continues.

Hoga Toga Top 10 most popular videos

  1. WhatsApp ने मचाया 2021 में तबाही अगर English नहीं आती तो अब WhatsApp खुद पढ़ कर सुनाएगा हिंदी में

  2. The WhatsApp चलाते हो तो 2020 का ये जादू Setting सीख लो काश पहले पता होता

  3. WhatsApp चलाते हो तो यहां एक बार दबाओ फिर देखो जादू का कमाल

  4. Redmi 5 (3GB/32GB) Unboxing & Overview In Hindi

  5. WhatsApp चलाते हो तो ये Trick सीख लो लोग आपसे जलने लगेंगे

  6. फ़ोन में पीछे Camera है तो ये सीख लो कोई नहीं बताएगा बिल्कुल जादू है 2020 का

  7. Android Phone Dangerous Secret Settings || इस सेटिंग को जल्दी बंद करो 2021 में !! IN Hindi
  8. मोबाइल #Volume बटन को पूजा अब करोगे ये #ट्रिक को देखकर काश पहले पता चल जाता

  9. सिर्फ इस #App को फोन में रखो। WhatsApp की दुनिया में तहलका मचा दो

  10. यह Setting कर लो आपका मोबाइल Storage मरते दम तक Full नहीं होगा Phone Storage increase forAll Android

Hoga Toga has also the another channel which name are Hoga Toga Play, HogaToga Unbox. Hoga Toga Play is the gaming channel of Hoga Toga where you will get the information about game event, tips and tricks, etc. HogaToga Unbox channel provides you gadgets unbox and review videos. It has also the YouTube Shorts channel.

Hoga Toga Shorts YouTube channels

Hoga Toga Shorts channels provide your short videos on Social Media, App reviews, gaming, etc. It has separate Shorts channels.

This is the official Website of HogaToga. Hoga Toga’s website provides you the Social Media News, App Reviews, Tips and Tricks, Android, iOS, Telecom News, etc.

So you all as same keep supporting and keep loving with Hoga toga, be happy, and take care:)

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