WhatsAppGoogle will provide response to the messages you receive...

Google will provide response to the messages you receive from Whatsapp



Google response to your WhatsApp messages to type the message before you even you think.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be using the WhatsApp to stay connected with your Friends, Colleagues, and others. You must be noticing that when you type the messages then it will provide you the recommend you words and phrases that match what you are trying to writing.

If you use the Google keyboard then it recommends or predicts the word what we want to write. Today I am explaining to you about the Google response to the WhatsApp messages. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

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Here is the full detail of Google provides a response to the WhatsApp receive messages.

Google takes a few years to add these types of devices to your core application, such as Gmail or Office Suite where the artificial intelligence (or algorithm, as you prefer to call it) is always on alert. It can help the users to write a sentence before we even think about what our means.

Mountain view has added to its official keyboard for iOS and Android. Gboard is for android users which is a famous smart compose of them. It is already available in someplace like Gmail. The System will predict or recommend to you matching words or phrases that match. What you are typing or want to write with the help of this tool. Google response according to what you are writing on the messages.

Sometime the prediction will access messages from key messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Google.


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You already know the way this smart composition work: As we are writing, Gboard gives up options for the possible phrases we want to write, which we already have in black Appears with a slightly less intense color tone than the text Keyed. If what you offer is on our mind similar, slide your finger to the right to accept it and continue with whatever we want to express or write on the messages.

It will suggest or recommend the possible optional because this prediction is dynamic and with each new word. If you like to get help because of not spending much time then it will helps you some extent definitely. If you are writing fast the same thing then it may bother you.


This feature or function is available in the Google Gboard version currently. You have to wait for the definite release of both iOS and Android. You can use it if you like it to predict or respond to your WhatsApp receive messages.

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