Airtel Disney+ Hotstar new plans
Airtel Disney+ Hotstar new plans

Airtel, one of the largest telecom service providers in the world and the second-largest telecom and internet provider in India, has finally introduced a small calling feature and smart missed call alert for the benefit of their customers. This update will enable the customer to see the unattended calls list when the phone network is out of service or turned off.

The service is provided to both pre-paid and post-paid users. Besides, for the post-plan users, the company has introduced special silver membership for more exclusive features.


Airtel new Smart Missed Call features

The new feature of smart miscall alert enables the user to see the phone calls that were unattended due to, a network issue, the phone was out of service or the phone was switched up. The system does not deliver the miscall list by SMS alert technology. The feature is provided via an app system for both android and iOS interfaces.

Besides the companies has introduced some new plans for their customer. There are plans for only small miss call features and plans for regular features with the additional free subscription. These subscription plans include winks music which also provides the feature of a caller tune.

The company also provide a subscription to hoichoi and Voot for entertainment purpose. In specific recharge, there are subscriptions for amazon and other e-commerce sites. The company will also provide a low-budget and emergency recharge of SMS call alerts to their users. Besides, some specific net recharge are also introduced by the company.

For the post-paid user, the company has introduced silver customer membership, which provides various customer-friendly and beneficial feature including a small miss call alert. This feature include automatic recharge through MasterCard.

How to access this feature

To get access to a smart miss call alert, the first need is to get access to a recharge which has the feature included. After the recharge is done, the customer needs to download the My Airtel app to get access to the new feature. The application is accessible to both android and iOS operating systems.

To get access to the caller tune, the customer needs to download winks music. This app is accessible on both android and iOS. For access to the different subscriptions, the customer needed to create the account of the application with their Airtel number.

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