YouTube new monetization policy 2023
YouTube new monetization policy 2023

YouTube is one of the most popular social platforms in the world. You will find all types of videos related to any topic on this app. It is also the most popular streaming app. You must be using YouTube during the day or night for entertainment or education purposes. YouTube monetizes the creator video and runs the ads on those videos.

YouTube pays the revenue share to the creator for runs ads. To monetize the videos YouTube has some criteria. But now YouTube will run the ads on small creators whose channels won’t match the criteria. Today I am explaining to you about YouTube runs ads on small creators without sharing revenue. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Here are full details about the YouTube monetizes small creators’ videos without sharing revenue.

YouTube brings the new Terms of Service for the YouTube creator. According to the new Terms of Service, YouTube will monetize those channel which doesn’t match the monetize criteria. Those will monetize which don’t match with the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) but the revenue of runs ads from that video YouTube won’t share with the creator.

This Terms of Service is applicable in the US currently. But it will apply to all the country next year. YouTube will not pay to the small creator whose channel isn’t monetized or part of the YouTube Partner Program but ads are running or serving on those videos.

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It has added a new section to its Terms of Service that highlights it will start running the ads on videos from channels right of the Monetize. YouTube pays the revenue share to those creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program.

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