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YouTube, Google and Gmail facing major outage in many countries

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Google, Gmail, and YouTube were facing major down or outages. Most of the users are facing these services down. Users are reporting the outage of these services on Twitter. Today I am explaining to you about YouTube, Google, and Gmail down. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

YouTube, Google, and Gmail major outage

According to Google’s status pages Google Meet, Gmail, YouTube, and other services have been down. It also noted that they are investigating the issues and it would reportedly affect several users in Europe. These services are facing outages on both Android and iOS devices. Users are reporting services outages.

Not all users are facing outages of all Google services. Some users are able to use Google, Gmail, and other services during the outage. Users are also able to use YouTube. The exact number of affected users is still unknown. But about 49% of users reported that they were having issues with the server connection.

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Some users are removing their accounts from Gmail and re-adding it and trying to use Gmail. Some users are facing login issues, and some are facing sending email issues. Few users tried to access their accounts in different browsers to get their services back. But they continuously face outages.

About 30% of users were issued with sending emails and 21% of users were issued with the website. Also, lots of users got 502 error messages when they tried to access their emails. Gmail is back online after five hours of outages. Also, All the services are back online after fixing the outage issues.

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