WhatsApp working on new Mute Calls
WhatsApp working on new Mute Calls

WhatsApp is working on a new feature to Mute Calls from Unknown numbers. Users will soon be able to mute calls from Unknown numbers using the new WhatsApp feature.

Today I am explaining to you WhatsApp’s new Mute Calls feature for Unknown numbers. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new mute calls from the Unknown numbers feature.

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WhatsApp working on the new Mute Calls from Unknown numbers

The new Mute Calls from Unknown numbers feature is called the Silence Unknown Callers. The new Silence Unknown Callers feature is under development that is discovered on the WhatsApp beta recent version for Android.

The Silence Unknown callers feature allows users to mute calls from unknown numbers while still showing them in the calls list and notifications center. This new feature also helps users reduce interruptions and potentially avoid spam calls.

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“The new toggle will be located in the app settings and, once enabled, calls from unknown numbers are always silenced, but they will still be shown in the calls list and notification center,” WABetaInfo the features tracker of WhatsApp said.

The new silence unknown caller feature also helps users control and reduce spam calls. In recent years, spam calls have become a growing problem with scammers and their unsolicited calls can be harmful to users. Scammers can call users and steal their personal information or trick them into making payments or providing sensitive data.

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Currently, the instant messaging app WhatsApp provides the option to block and report these callers. Now the new silence Unknown callers feature allows users to avoid receiving calls from unknown numbers by muting them.

The new Silence Unknown callers feature is currently under development. But WhatsApp will soon release the new ability to silence calls from unknown numbers. WhatsApp is also working on redesigning the Status tab to include newsletters in the status tab.

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