WhatsApp working on Clear unread message count feature
WhatsApp working on Clear unread message count feature

WhatsApp is working on the Clear unread message count feature. Meta-owned messaging aims to enhance the user experience by providing more control over notifications for new messages.

Today I am explaining WhatsApp’s upcoming clear unread message count feature. You must read this post till the end to know more about the Clear Unread Message Count feature.


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WhatsApp working on Clear Unread message count

The new upcoming feature may be useful for those users who receive a high volume of text messages and find it difficult to manage conversations. They will use the new option to clear the unread message count whenever the app opens. They will be able to automatically reset their unread message notifications each time they open the app by enabling the new feature.

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There will be two options Use high-priority notification that will allow users to enable previews of notifications and the second option Clear unread when the app opens means all your unread message count will be cleared every time you open WhatsApp.

The upcoming feature will help users manage their new messages with ease, reducing the clutter of unread message counts and providing a fresh start when you open the app. It will prevent older, less relevant messages from overshadowing new notifications and allow for a more efficient messaging experience on WhatsApp.

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Users will be able to approach their messages more effectively by clearing the unread message count automatically to focus on the new and important communication rather than feeling pressured by a backlog of unread messages. They will be able to easily identify and prioritize new messages to ensure that the most recent conversations are addressed promptly with a reset message count every time you open WhatsApp.

Currently, the feature to clear the unread message count is under development. However, the meta-owned messaging app will soon release the clear unread message count for Android beta testers.

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