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WhatsApp new update animated sticker

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be using the WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends, colleague, and others. A few days back I explained to you about WhatsApp introduced the new animated sticker feature in WhatsApp beta version. But WhatsApp users will be disappointed encouraged by the new updates. Today I am explaining to you about the WhatsApp new updates which disappoint the users. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Here is the full detail about the WhatsApp users will be disappointed, encouraged by new updates.

You know that WhatsApp launched any new updates or feature then first of all WhatsApp launches that feature in the beta version. If you know the full detail about any new features then you can only know from the beta version.


While WhatsApp has claimed the ability to create larger images stickers providing more detail than the standard emoji available on all smartphone operating systems – since 2018. However, similar messaging apps including Apple iMessage and Telegram have expanded on the idea to offer an animated version 18 months ago.

While WhatsApp was following in their footsteps, such as the currently available static sticker in the Facebook chatting app. Recently WhatsApp testing new animated sticker in beta version and also rollout in beta version.

This feature available in v2.20.194.7  beta for android and v2.20.70.26 beta for iOS. But after surfing in the beta of WhatsApp it disappeared in beta version v2.20.194.9.

You know that WhatsApp probably announces any new features before it testings. There is no guarantee of the beta version as always that its rollout to the main WhatsApp. If you are excited about the possible feature that doesn’t even make it for your Android and iPhone.

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