Avoid Joining to WhatsApp Group
Avoid Joining to WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be using WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, and others. You must be chatting with your friends. Chatting with friends on WhatsApp individually or in the group chat is really very interesting and fun. Anyone adds you to many WhatsApp Group.

You must be getting bored or bother by getting useless messages from useless WhatsApp Group. You must want to avoid getting to join on any useless WhatsApp Group. Also, you must want to that no one can add you to Group without your permission or will. Today I am explaining to you about the avoid joining on WhatsApp Group. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Here are the full details about WhatsApp Group avoid getting Join.

WhatsApp has the Group feature and on that feature, you will find the three options Everyone, My Contacts, and My Contacts except. You can select any one option according to your privacy whom you want to allow to add you to any WhatsApp Group. To avoid joining on WhatsApp then follow these steps.

You have to open your WhatsApp and tap on the three dots then go to the settings option. Tap on the Account option then you have to go to the privacy option. Go to the end of the screen then you will find the Groups option. When you tap on the Groups feature then it will show you three options Everyone, My Contacts, and My Contacts except.

If you are selected to Everyone that means anyone can add you to any WhatsApp Group. Either your known or unknown person can add you. It doesn’t matter you have saved that person number on your phone contacts list.

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If you select the My Contacts option then not everyone can add you to the Group. Only your contact person whom number you saved on your contact list. If you want that unknown person isn’t able to add you to Group then you can use the My Contacts option.

The third option is the My Contacts and expects option allows you to select contacts from your contact list whom you don’t want to add you on Group. Your Contacts can add you on Group but excluding those contacts whom you selected to not add you.

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