WhatsApp Outage server down
WhatsApp Outage server down

Update: WhatsApp services are back online and service should be fully restored. WhatsApp business is also back online. It is now working properly on Android, iOS, and the Web. Note that some WhatsApp users may face the issues within the next few minutes. All users are now able to send and receive messages.

WhatsApp is facing an Outage and users are not able to use their WhatsApp because its server is down. Users are facing issues and are not able to send and receive messages. Currently, Indian users are unable to send and receive messages.


They are not only unable to send and receive messages but they also won’t be able to take the backup of their WhatsApp chat. When the users try to take the backup it shows waiting for wifi. Today I am explaining to you about the WhatsApp facing outage again. You have to read this post till the end to know more about the new Why WhatsApp server goes down.

WhatsApp Outage: Server down in India

Hogatoga.com confirms the outage and it affects the personal chat, group chat, and chat backup. Currently, users cannot able to send and receive messages on a group or personal chat.

DownDetector the Outage detection website also confirms that WhatsApp is facing issues and not working on thousands of users. It also said as of about 7:50 GMT (12:20 pm IST) more than 11,000 users reported the outage. Also, more than 68,000 from the UK and 19,000 users from Singapore reported the outage.

The WhatsApp server went down for almost two hours and now got fixed. After facing an outage for almost two hours millions of Whatsapp users across the globe are not able to send and receive messages on group chat and personal chat. They are also not able to take the backup of their chat during the outage.

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