WhatsApp new video calling Features best and beneficiary for groups.


WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app. This app is improving and changing continuously. Now WhatsApp making the video and audio call easier than previously. WhatsApp updates new features of video calling for groups.

This features helps you to video call all the group’s member at once times. This new update is for all the iPhone and Android users. This video call feature is good for the group video call according to the WhatsApp.Read this post till the end to know more about this WhatsApp features.


There will a dedicated button for video and audio calling. Now you can video call all the group member and you can call directly to them. This feature is beneficial for the WhatsApp group. But this feature is only for those group which has few members.

If your group has four or below four-member then you can use these features otherwise you cannot use this feature.


As you know that before this update when you want to call in the WhatsApp group then, you have to add all the members one by one. Which is very difficult to call whole group members. But this feature makes it easier to call all the WhatsApp group members.

What announces that This WhatsApp group feature makes comfort and easier way to video call the whole group. If any WhatsApp group has four or below the four-member those groups can use these features. To video call and audio call to all the group members.

Open you WhatsApp group you will find an audio call and video call icon, click on the icon to call the everyone no matter how many members in your WhatsApp group.

To use this feature you have to update your WhatsApp app from play store or apple store.

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I hope this post is very useful to you. Thanks for reading this post till the end.

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