Whatsapp new stickers pack
Whatsapp new stickers pack

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app. It always releasing the new-new features in it. Now WhatsApp released/update the new sticker pack for the quarantine. Today I am explaining to you which stickers packs are released for the stay home and social distancing. Read the post till the end to know more about this WhatsApp Stickers Pack.

WhatsApp launched the new Stickers pack. These Stickers are mostly related to social distancing. Everybody makes social distancing because of COVID-19. Everyone maintaining the social distancing by stay home stay safe. WhatsApp is the most liked chatting app. People mostly like to chat on WhatsApp and millions/billions of stickers are sending daily.

it is said by the WhatsApp in the Tuesday blog post that billion of the sticker are sent on the WhatsApp daily.

Here whats type of new or latest sticker will able to see on WhatsApp.

There are 20 Stickers in this stickers pack. Staying home, we’ll do this together, heroic doctor, you are my hero and more types of stickers in this Stickers pack. These Stickers encourage people to maintain social distancing and maintain the hygiene of their bodies and washing hand from time to time.

Basically WhatsApp encourages the people to send the sticker to the family, friends to encourage the family to wash the hand and more. WhatsApp said that it tapped the WHO world health organization to launch this sticker of its platform and the best part is that this sticker will available after the Corona Virus COVID-19 issue is no longer widespread, at least based on the WhatsApp’s blog post.

This Stickers pack is available in nine languages like English, German, French, Italy, Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian, Turkish, Portuguese, and Russian. you will able to see these types of stickers while you update the WhatsApp messenger app.

Thanks for reading the post until the end. I hope this post is very useful for you.

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