YoWhatsApp new features
YoWhatsApp new features

You must be using the Official WhatsApp, Beta WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and GB WhatsApp. You know everything about these WhatsApp Beta WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and GB WhatsApp. Beta WhatsApp offers you the new-new and attractive features before the Official WhatsApp launched.

GB WhatsApp offers you some extra features except the features of the official WhatsApp and Beta WhatsApp. But even the exact feature you want to use is not available in the GB WhatsApp.


You want to use more and some special features in WhatsApp. Today I am explaining to you about the new WhatsApp which has a maximum number of features that you want to use and which make your WhatsApp and WhatsApp chatting unique. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

The name of the new WhatsApp is YoWhatsApp. This WhatsApp allows you to use those features that are not available in the official WhatsApp, Beta WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp.

Here YoWhatsApp Features in detail.

  • One of the most popular features in the YoWhatsApp is Airplane Mode on the top. When you use this airplane mode feature you cannot send or receive messages even if your internet is enabled. Also, you will find the Dark Mode feature icon separately beside the Airplane mode.
  • You will also find the Groups tab separately beside the Chats tab.
  • If you go to the Status tab then you will find the trim features with the icon of scissors. This will help you to trim the part of the video which favorites parts you want to set on the WhatsApp status.
  • It has the separately delete calls icon on the Call tab.
  • It has some extra and attractive features when you click on the three dots top of the right corner. These features are like Fouad Mods, Restart YoWhatsApp, Message a number, etc.
  • Fouad Mods have so many interesting features such as different types of WhatsApp themes etc.
  • If you open the individual chat you will find the about of the person on the chat screen below the name of the person. If you click on the three dots of the individual chat then it will show you so many important features. These features like Go to First Messages, Search Web, Clear Recent Emojis, and Lock Conversation. These features are exceptional, all the WhatsApp features are also available in YoWhatsApp.
  • You will many more features in WhatsApp when you use this YoWhatsApp.
  • One of the best features in the YowhatsApp is you can change the icon and color of WhatsApp.

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