Ever counted how many times ⏲️ you type the same text over and over again? Or copying and pasting some text from other apps? Do you want to break? those boring? and time-wasting ⏳ habits? Typing Hero is a free text expander app that is able to help you achieve that.
Typing Hero is a text expander app that transforms (expands) your own keyword to any lengthy text you want in an instant. Simply start by adding frequently used text to Typing Hero, set a keyword for each text, and enable Typing Hero service. For example, you can write your home address only by typing zadr (four characters!!).
Imagine how many hours you can save by using Typing Hero to write other lengthy text! Say goodbye ? to boring? and time-wasting ⏳ habit of typing, and boost your productivity with Typing Hero.

♾️ Unlimited Snippet (pair of keyword and text)
?️ Show matching Snippet as you type
? Import Phrases from Expand
? No ads
Coming soon: more features and enhancements
Tips for choosing a keyword
? Start keyword with a character your finger can easily reach (z, x, or ,)
? Use relevant context as a keyword to avoid having to memorize it
? Make it short
? Avoid using word in the dictionary as a keyword to prevent it being replaced when you want to use the word
? zadr for home address? email for an email address? zbankacc for bank account number? zphone for a phone number? zgm for Good morning!
? zgn for Good night!



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