Turn off music player
Turn off music player

You must be listening to music at night and you sleep. Your music is playing continuously & your 100% internet is used and the battery is going low. You always want to turn off that music in the time but you miss it. This is the problem of the music lover who listens to music at night. I have the solution to this problem.

Today I am explaining to you the best app that turns off the music when you sleep automatically. Read this post till the end to know more about this app which turns off your music when you sleep at night.


Sleep Timer (Turn music Off).

Sleep Timer helps you to listen to music at night and when you are asleep you turn off the music automatically. Simple all you have to do this start the music and set the countdown time. At the end of the countdown, Sleep Timer turns off the music. It stops your battery from draining.


  • Listen to music while falling asleep
  • You can use YouTube and your favorite music player.
  •  Set how long you want the music to play.
  • Create presets for your frequently used timers.
  • Stop your battery from draining.
  • Shake your phone to extend the timer without unlocking your phone.
  • Use a Free or Paid Version.

How can you use this Sleep Timer app?

First of all, you have to download this app on your phone. Now, how can you download this app?

  1. Go to the end of this post where you find the download button.
  2. Press the download button to download and install this app on your phone.
  3. Open the app after installing it on your mobile.
  4. Click on the agreement to all buttons for permission.
  5. Set the timer to turn off the music.
  6. Click on the Start & Player button to start the music and stop on the time.

Now you can use this app and listen to music at night easily. It turns off the music after you sleep.

Thanks for reading the post until the end.

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I hope this post is very useful to you.

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