volume key
volume key

Google Play Store has available billions of app but we know only a few apps that most popular or trend. Never you try to use these type app that helps to make shortcut activity. Maybe you are using the smartphone and the volume button uses much time in a day. You will think that volume button work for only increasing and decreasing volume of sound. You can also use the volume key for another purpose. Now maybe you shocked because I going to talk about such an app that will totally change the work of the volume button. So you want to know and use this app then keep to reading till the end. Let’s try to know what exactly the features are there.

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Arises the questions is how I use for another purpose by the volume button?

Media, sound recording, flashlight on/of, do not disturb on/of, sound mode, vibration, silent, Bluetooth on/off, taskbar, save battery. These all set on the volume button as an action to work while a tap on button according up or down.

Note: it has many action buttons for activities but these are premium. However, two action button features give you absolutely free for the first user.

How to use the almighty volume key app?

Here a simple method to change the activity of the volume button into an action button. This app makes your volume button into an action button. Firstly make sure this app available or not in your android smartphone.

  • Open the almighty volume key.
  • Tap on got it while it comes to pop up on the screen.
  • Choose the action key what would you like to perform on the volume button.
  • You can add a minimum of two action buttons.
  • It will be started performing on the volume button.
  • This needs to be activated! open side menu and activate. Tap on Got it!

The android developer does that is good for the public but they have a little bit of user experience. Firstly our colleague tested this app before typing. So this app perfect for you. It impacts on your daily routine. Always it stands for your assist.

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