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The Government launches new Sandes Messaging app as response to WhatsApp after Koo app for Twitter

Use the Sandes app as an alternative to the instant messaging app WhatsApp. The government released the new Sandes app.

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Recently the Indian Government has launched the Koo alternative of Twitter. After this, The National Informatics Centre has launched its own messaging app Sandes. This messaging app is an alternative to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Due to the WhatsApp privacy policy update, users are moving to its alternative app Signal and Telegram. Today I am explaining to you about the Sandes messaging app. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Sandes messaging app details

Sandes is the instant messaging platform alternative to WhatsApp. The meaning of the Sandes is Message. This messaging app is only available to authorized government employees currently. The Government has developed its own secure instant messaging platform because of the government employee data compromised to the other platform. The government had been already working for a number of years.

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According to some reports, certain technologies have been adopted hastily because the government employee’s data had been compromised as work-from-home protocols. The Ministry of Home Affairs had advised government employees to don’t use communication platforms like Zoom citing safety and privacy issues.

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The Sandes app doesn’t allow users to change their registered email address or phone number. They can only take the backup of the chat history to the registered email once they register their email address to this app. The Sandes app is rolling out for both Android and iOS users. If any users want to change their registered email address or phone or use an alternative number or email then a new account will be created.

But only authorized Government officials can use this Sandes messaging app. Sandes the new messaging apps offer message forwarding, emojis, broadcast messages, groups, etc features like WhatsApp. But it will soon release the Sandes messaging apps for all users. You will be able to use the Sandes app once the Government releases this app for normal users.

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