Temporarily disables phone’s fingerprint


What this app does exactly?
It temporarily disables your phone’s fingerprint and forces you to unlock your phone using a backup method (PIN, Pattern or Password). The same thing happens when you restart your phone and you are required to use a backup method to unlock your device.
I don’t understand why would I want to disable my phone’s fingerprint?
The fingerprint may be less secure than a strong PIN, pattern, or password. A copy of your fingerprint could be used to unlock your phone. You leave fingerprints on many things you touch, including your phone.
Disabling Fingerprint can be useful in many scenarios
– Someone can access your phone while you are asleep/unconscious (or Knocked Out :D)
– You can be forced to unlock your phone with a fingerprint.
– and many others
Features in Pro version
No Ads – Ads-free experience
Lock Widget – Disable fingerprint directly from home screen
and many more coming
Note: This app uses the Device Administrator’s permission.
To uninstall this app go to settings (inside this app) and choose to uninstall.



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