Using WhatWeb Cloner you could sync your phone and tablet at the same time in a single account.
Supported Messenger:
WhatsApp, Telegram, Wechat More messengers will follow soon.
How to Sync?
It is just a simple method or mechanism just scan the QR Code that Appears in WhatWeb Cloner Messenger Application and Abracadabra it is Synced.
Everything can be synced:
➜ Conversations
➜ Audio
➜ Pictures
➜ Videos
🔥 More, Would you like to open two accounts in the same device or same account in multiple
devices then this Application is for you.
Now you can use the same account in multiple devices.
This Application is the easiest and fastest application that you can open chat messenger application on your mobile and Control another account with the same device!!!
👍 WhatWeb Cloner is widely supported, what does this mean?
it means if you have an old Android device, you could use it with wonderful performance no matter how much amount of RAM you have.

WhatWeb Cloner Features:
➜ Access Whats Status and save whatever image/video status you want.
➜ Access Whats Data Folder Simply and clean whatever you want very easy by clicking the recycle Bin Icon.
➜ Direct Chat with any what number you have, just put it in the text grabber and click on Open Direct Chat
☆ PS: This is a standalone application and is not affiliated with any other company.
☆ Note: This app is made by us and does not belong to another company.



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