Send Uncompressed Images on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. You must be using WhatsApp to stay connected with your Friends, Colleagues, and others. You must be sending the image to your friends on WhatsApp. But when you send the photos and videos on WhatsApp then it compresses the quality of your pictures.

You must want to send the image without compressing those images. Today I am explaining to you about the send uncompressed images on WhatsApp. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Here is the full detail about the send uncompressed images on WhatsApp.

If you want to send the uncompressed photos on WhatsApp then you have to use the trick to send. WhatsApp doesn’t have any such type features to send an uncompressed picture. Follow these tricks to send an uncompressed picture with your friends on WhatsApp.

You have to go to the file manager of your phone and select the image which you want to send to your friends. After choosing the image you have to change or rename the image file name as the .pdf or .doc. The filename example like hogatoga.pdf or hogatoga.doc.

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After the rename of your file, you have to open your WhatsApp and send the image which you rename on WhatsApp using the document option. To send the document you have to click on the attachment clip option on the type message box.

Once you click on the attachment option then select an image and send that image to your friends on WhatsApp. After sending the image, tell your friends to rename the picture or image. Your friends have to rename the image on their file manager as the .jpg format for example hogatoga.jpg. It will show the original uncompressed image to them once they rename the image.

This is the process to send uncompressed images on WhatsApp with your friends. When you send the image using this process with your friends then image quality will never reduce. So if you want to send the image without reducing the quality then use this process.

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