Secure your Incoming Phone calls security password


Incoming Call Lock is the Best security app for locking incoming call available on play store. This is a must haves applications. This application is will protect your phone’s Incoming call to be picked by some one else. This application is will not allow any one to seeing the caller’s number, name or any other details as the passwords input screen will be up on the screen. Incoming Call Lock gives you flexibility in to use it as per your instruction.
** Enable/Disable Incoming Calls Locked
** You can select pattern lock or password lock as a lock screen.
** No one can talk to your incoming calls by picking the calls using earphone’s.
** Auto Disconnected Call if tried with wrong password three times.
** Caller Type Lock Settings : All, Known, Unknown, Selected
** Show Name is Setting
** Call Blocking
** Call Lock Prevention to be killed by the processor.
** Lock Screen Background can be chosen from gallery or given 6 backgrounds.
** Pattern visibility is settings.
** Fingerprints Unlock



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