Secure you phone Cameras by locking it with Camera Lock App.


You must be using your phone cameras for selfies and video recording. Also you always want to lock secure your phone camera from unauthorized person. You want to lock your phone camera and nobody can use your phone camera. Today I am explaining you the best camera security app to lock your phone cameras. So nobody can use your phone cameras. Read the post till the end to know more about this camera app.

Camera Lock – Phone & Tablet Camera Security App.

Camera lock app is one of the best app for security of your camera by locking them. You can lock the camera when you don’t need it. Unlock the camera when you need it. Nobody can open and use your phone camera. If anyone try to open the camera it will show them that camera error of your phone.

How can you use this Camera Lock – Phone & Tablet Camera Security app in your phone?

First of all you have to download this app in your phone. Now how can you download and install the app in your phone.

  • Go to the end of the post where you will find the Download Button.
  • Press the Download Button to Download and install the app in your phone.
  • Open the app after the installing.
  • Press the Lock Camera button and click on the ok button to grant the phone administrate permission to lock your all phone camera. It locks your both selfie and back camera of your phone. Nobody can open your camera whenever you unlock your phone camera.
  • To unlock your camera, open this app again and press the unlock cameras then use your camera.

Follow these steps to install the app and use this app to lock your selfie camera and back camera.

Thanks for reading the post till the end. I hope this post is very useful for you.

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