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Remove the Shareit app and secure your phone from getting hacked: Report

You must be using the Shareit app on your phone to transfer the file to others. It has over one million downloads on the Google play store. But this app has so many security issues according to the Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro.

It has also recommended the user to don’t use the app until the developers fix all the issues in this app. Also, the Government of India had banned this app along with Tiktok and 57 other Chinese apps. Today I am explaining to you about Remove the Shareit to secure your phone. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

Remove Shareit app to secure phone from getting hacked

According to the Cyber firm report, these issues can be misused to leak user’s sensitive data and execute arbitrary code. The malicious code or app is used for executing the arbitrary code with Shareit permission. The weakness of the Shareit not only use to execute the arbitrary code but also the Hacker can use its weakness to download and steal the user’s sensitive data.¬†Cybersecurity believes that the weakness of this app can potentially lead to Remote Code Execution.

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