PUBG Mobile India launch
PUBG Mobile India launch

PUBG Mobile was one of the popular mobile game. The PUBG mobile was banned due to the user’s data leak. But now the game has been launched in India officially. The game is with the new name PUBG Mobile India. Indian PUBG player is waiting when will the PUBG Mobile come back.

PUBG Corporation said that they will come back to India with secure and very healthy gameplay. Today I am explaining to you about the PUBG Mobile India game launch Today rumored. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Here are the full details about the PUBG Mobile India launch Today rumor.

It will come back to India on November 20 and it was just a rumor. There is no official announcement about the PUBG is re-launching today. Neither the PUBG Corporation nor its parent’s company, Krafto announced anything about the game released. The Company has launched the treasures of PUBG Mobile India comeback on the official site.

The Company has set the official site to upload the treasures. The PUBG gamer Kronten is one of the faces featured in the trailer with the Dynamo and Jonathan on November 14 said that The treasure is going to be out tomorrow. So many things happen with the PUBG game in the last two months. The PUBG mobile game has fixed the issues whatever has gone wrong with the old version.

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According to the PUBG Corporation, the new version of specially designed for India. The word India on the PUBG game denotes or says many things. In the new version of PUBG Mobile game characters fully clothed at the starting of the game for the local customizations.

South Korea’s PUBG Corporation has said it will offer secure and very healthy gameplay for PUBG Mobile India. It may be the same as the Government order. The Government of India has one of the biggest issues being against PUBG is that it doesn’t store the user’s data in India.

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