BGMI introduces Beta version
BGMI introduces Beta version

PUBG Mobile was one of the popular mobile games. The government of India has banned the PUBG Mobile game in India 2 months ago. After the ban, PUBG tried to come back to India. Indian PUBG players are waiting for the PUBG deadly. When will the PUBG Mobile come back?

PUBG Corporation said that they will come back to India with secure and very healthy gameplay. There is no official announcement about the PUBG is re-launching. Today I am explaining to you about the PUBG Mobile India launch and other updates. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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PUBG Mobile India game launch, Maxtern idea, and other updates.

The Maxtern, the popular content creator in the PUBG Mobile Community has asked to leak the date of PUBG Mobile India from one of the directors of the game. He posted a tweet that saying leak the date and they tagged the Sohn Hyunil Sohn along with it.

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Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Hyunil Sohn are the directors. The registered office is in Bengaluru. The Company was incorporated with the paid-up capital of Rs5 lakh and authorized capital of Rs15 lakh as a subsidiary of a foreign company in Karnataka on 21 November 2020 Report.

But the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) hasn’t granted permission to the PUBG Corporation for the re-launch of the game, report. The Centre is not convinced yet after several changes on the game.

There is no change in that stance at this stage, and the official was quoted as telling Indiesport. Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating a new company. They will have to grant permission from MEITY to operate once again in India, the official further told Indiesport.

The PUBG Mobile India will be launch on both Android and IOS by February 2021, some report claim. PUBG Mobile India characters will fully dress. The game will install in a virtual simulation training ground. This virtual simulation is familiar to Indian users.

The PUBG Corporation will invest $100 Million in India. It is for various ecosystems to cultivate the local video game, entertainment, sports, and IT industries. This may be the largest investment by the Korean company in India. A considerable part of this large investment will put into the tournament and event.

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