Protect your Privacy with Material Lock
►Lock your gallery, your videos, messages, social media applications and files from friends or curious eyes for protect your privacy!
forgot my password?
Open Applock, click the icon at top right corner of lock page, tap ‘Forgot Password’, enter your security answer. If you have any problem, just mail me
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★ Features and Services
• Smart Networks: Close lock service automatically when connect specific Wifi network
• Trusted Bluetooth Devices: Close lock service automatically when any trusted bluetooth device been connected
• Remotelock: Control lock service remotely with text messages
• Auto Background: Lock screen background is set according to application
• Time Lock: Control lock service with scheduledtime tasks
• Various Lock Styles: Pincode, pattern, fingerprint lock
• Keyboard shuffles while entering pin

• Lock all apps with a text message
• Lockout timeout
• Lock Google Play to prevent buy games
• Fingerprint support
• Material design
• Low battery and memory usage
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Material Lock uses Device Administrator permission
It’s only used for preventing intruders uninstalling applock.
Material Lock uses Accessibility Service
The service is only used to detect user’s app opens for show lock screen.



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