Data Usage Monitor
Data Usage Monitor

In the internet world, everyone uses the internet continuously. When you use mobile data or WiFi data then your phone uses more internet data. You must want to count your data or monitor your data.

You must want to monitor or count your data to manage your data of mobile personal internet data or WiFi data. Today I am explaining to you about the data usage monitor. Read this post till the end to know more about this.


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Data Counter Widget: Data usage manager/monitor.

Data Counter Widget is one of the best apps that allows you to monitor your data usage. You can see how much data you use through your cellular data and WiFi data. You can see data used daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

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How can you use the Data Counter Widget apk on your phone?

Make sure you have already the Data Counter Widget: Data usage manager/monitor app on your phone, if you don’t have one, you must download this app. Now how can you download this app on your phone?

Go to the end of the post where you will find the download button. Press the download button to download and install the app on your phone. Open the app after installing and tap on the go to the settings option to permit usage access to this app.

After giving the permit you have to click on the Let’s Go option and grant media file permission. Once you grant permission to this app you will see the Device usage, App usage, and other options. In the Device usage section, you will see the Add widget, it will show you how to add the widget on your phone screen.

You have to swipe left to monitor the Monthly data usage through Mobile data and WiFi. Also, swipe left to see the Weekly usage, Daily usage, Yearly usage, and Total usage. In the App usage section, you will see which app using your data more. Also, you set the Widget to track your data regularly.


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