detects the edits images and remove
Mirage app detects the edits images

You must be seeing so many beautiful photos of anyone on social media and anywhere. People use so many beauty effects on their photos to make so beautiful. If you have the curiosity to know or see the actual real picture. Also, you want to remove the applied effect from images. Today I am explaining to you about the app which detects the applied beauty filter and also removes that edits from the image. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

There is so many beauty effect app in the play store and app store. This app helps you to edit your picture with so many effects and make your picture beautiful. After the edit, the picture people post on social media like Facebook, Instagram, set on the WhatsApp profile picture.

Nowadays mobile companies also launched so many budget phones with beauty filters in the default camera app. People use the beauty filter on his image. If you want to identify the edited image, you can identify and also remove that edit.

There is an app named called Mirage which removes the picture edit. Mirage app detects the edit and removes the edits by image editing app on an existing image. This app is created by Redditor, Akshat Jagga (u/chancemehmu). This app uses machine learning to detect the edit according to the Haryana based developer. It also detects edit from screenshots.

You have to add an image or screenshot in the app. It will take a few seconds to analyze the edit of the image and show two versions of the image.

It will show the original image which you add and the highlighted image around the edited fields. A similar view will show on the next screen. The next screen shows the original picture on the right sides which is before all effects and filters.

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